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Your financial contributions make a direct impact on our programs and initiatives. By donating, you enable us to provide essential services such as food security, healthcare, education, social justice, and peacebuilding. Every donation, no matter the amount, helps us make a difference in the lives of those in need. We appreciate any level of support and assure you that your contribution will be used effectively and efficiently.

Your investment makes a huge difference in our people’s life. Donate through the One Child’s Village website and select 7) Nile Care Advocacy (NILECAPD).

At NILECAPD, we rely on the kindness of individuals, organizations, donors, and companies who selflessly contribute their time, finances, and support. Your generosity enables us to continue our impactful humanitarian work in South Sudan. Whether you choose to make a financial donation, volunteer your time, or collaborate with us, every contribution, big or small, makes a significant difference.

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President and CEO

Bayak started his philanthropic career by working with different communities in and outside South Sudan. He has served as an organizational community leader in Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, and Canada.He pioneered the establishment of NILECAPD in 2014 with an aim and passion of serving his fellow people in South Sudan.

He graduated from the University of Cavendish in Uganda with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy. Mr. Puoch attained a certificate in Theology from the Middle East Reformed Fellowship (MERF) in Lokichogio, Kenya and is currently serving as a Spiritual Boot Camp (SBC) representative in the USA.

“As an architect and founder of NILE CAPD, I had a privilege to serve humanity. It’s in this capacity that gives me the energy every single day to do that by lending helping hands to the most vulnerable people in South Sudan”. ~ Bayak Chuol Puoch