Meet Our Team

The NILECAPD Board of Directors is the policy and governing body of the organization, providing strategic direction of the organization, establishing the governance system, mobilizing resources for the organization, and coordinating relations with national and international partners/donors. It is also vested with the responsibility to monitor and evaluate the activities of the organization. It is responsible for the recruitment of the Executive Director to operate the day to day activities.
Bayak Chuol Puoch 1

Bayak Chuol Puoch

President and CEO
Bayak started his philanthropic career by working with different communities in and outside South Sudan. He has served as an organizational community leader in Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, and Canada.

He pioneered the establishment of NILECAPD in 2014 with an aim and passion of serving his fellow people in South Sudan.

He graduated from the University of Cavendish in Uganda with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy. Mr. Puoch attained a certificate in Theology from the Middle East Reformed Fellowship (MERF) in Lokichogio, Kenya and is currently serving as a Spiritual Boot Camp (SBC) representative in the USA.

“As an architect and founder of NILE CAPD, I had a privilege to serve humanity. It’s in this capacity that gives me the energy every single day to do that by lending helping hands to the most vulnerable people in South Sudan”. ~ Bayak Chuol Puoch
Jackline Nyamao

Jackline Nyamao

Chief Financial Officer
is one of the Board Member of NILECAPD. She has a degree in financial accounting from KENYATTA University in Kenya.

She is in charge of all financial activities of NILECAPD and has been liaising with our potential partners and donors.

“I joined NILECAP to help reduce the human suffering in South Sudan and elsewhere in the world. I need to know the size of the NILECAPD’s budget, the difficulty of its programs and income sources.” ~

Jacob Tung Ruot

Jacob Ruot

Chief Operations Officer
Jacob is a trained psychology and counsellor expert. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in psychology and has vast experience as a counsellor.

He is dedicated to helping people find mental health stability and Psychosocial wellbeing. He is currently working as the COO and performs all daily operations to our organizational goals and mission.

“I joined the NILECAPD to help the underprivileged society and those traumatized by war to rise again and back to their senses. My job involves all aspects of the NILECAPD’s management as I work closely with all board members.” ~ Jacob Ruot
Changkuoth Wal

Changkuoth Wal

Advocacy Director
Changkuoth is a skilled influencer and responsible for advocacy activities in NILECAPD. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

He has actively initiated collaborative advocacy initiatives with our stakeholders and target audiences.

“I joined NILECAPD to serve the people with limited skills and the know-how to handle the organization’s finances. he has a working knowledge of business management and the ability to multitask.” Changkuoth Wal
David Wat Puot

David Wat Puot

Director of Philanthropy
is a trained and experienced social worker. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social work. He is a renowned social worker committed to providing social support and advocacy services to his community.
His Social worker skills have enabled him to promote the agendas and activities of NILECAPD for human and economic development.
Bile Lunyjock

Bile Lunyjock

Human Resource Manager
Bile Lunyjock has a Bachelor’s Degree in Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management and is in charge of the Human Resources Management Department.

He coordinates all training programs, hiring and staff management in the organization.

“I joined NILECAPD to motivate the staff and get them involves in the community projects. At NILECAPD, most people are volunteers, and they need a strong sense of encouragement to change their livelihood in South Sudan.”
Gabriel Bol

Gabriel Bol

Development Director
is an experienced and trained community development officer. He is currently working as the Director of development and is responsible for all our program activities, including fundraising campaigns for our potential projects.

He has a Diploma in Community Development.

“I joined the organization to change people’s lives, especially the people in IDP camps and vulnerable people.”

Marial Tut Teng

Marial Tut Deng

Program Director
Marial Tut Deng is our Director of Programs. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and is responsible for strategic project planning and budgeting to meet program and organizational goals.
He is responsible for the effective implementation of our operations activities in NILECAPD.
Nyamare Gatwech

Nyamare Gatwech

Community Outreach Coordinator

Nyamare Gatwech is an experienced and trained public health officer. She has a Diploma in Public Health. He works as the Community Outreach Coordinator, and his primary duty is to connect NILECAPD and local communities with health services.

She is responsible for the effective implementation of outreach activities in NILECAPD.

“I joined NILECAPD to directly help the people and reach out to those who are inaccessible areas of South Sudan.”Nyamare Gatwech
Tut Mun

Tut Mun

Project Manager
is an experienced and trained educationist. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and has been an articulate manager in assessing potential areas for project expedition.

He is in charge of all NILECAPD’s projects and ensures successful program execution to completion.

“The reason I joined NILECAPD is to provide essential support to projects management, working with the Project officers and other team members to achieve project success.”

Rabih Bawah

Rabih Bawah

Director for Peace

Rabih Bawah is one of the Board Member of NILECAPD. He is a professionally trained Environmentalist with a bias towards Natural Resources and Environmental Studies (Animal Science). He is in charge of peace advocacy and gender equality
I joined NILECAP to help reduce the human suffering in South Sudan and elsewhere in the world. I need to know the size of the NILECAPD’s budget, the difficulty of its programs and income sources.” ~ Rabih Bawah
Kueth Diew

Kueth Diew

Board Member

Kueth Diew is trained Disability Advocate, Mental Health, Counsellor, and Behavioural specialist. He obtained a Bachelor of Theology, Bachelor of General Studies, Bachelor of Behavioural Science, Masters of Disability and Community Studies, and Doctoral Studies in Educational Psychology, California Coast University.
He is now committed his time working with Various communities in Alberta Canada. “I joined NILECAPD to help the traumatic society in South Sudan. My involvement with the NILECAPD is to help the management team in order to promote the NILECAPD into World Community”


Field Coordinator

Rebecca is an South Sudan Field Coordinator for Nile Care Advocacy for Peace and Development. Rebecca has served as a Legal Aid officer for The Advocate for Human Rights and Democracy.
She holds a Law degree from the University of Juba and is a Legal Consultant with Fidelity Law Chamber. She has four years experience working with civil society in South Sudan on Legal Aid and Transitional Justice projects.”I joined NILECAPD to advocate for Peace, social justice and human rights in South Sudan.
Eman Khereba

Eman Khereba

Field Coordinator

Eman Khereba Graduated from the American University in Cairo with a major in Anthropology, minoring in community development and architecture design. She is the founder of the Tbshora tools for mental health and self-care.
She worked as project coordinator for 6 years in local NGOs and International NGOs to combat violence against women and children. She assisted in founding the first gender based violence (GBV) network in Egypt with Save the children international organization. She worked as a business development and communication consultant for a trusted charity in Saudi Arabia. During her undergrad years, she founded TEDxYouth@Zgazig & TEDxZagazig in shakia. She traveled to Germany as a youth representative with a UNESCO institute for Lifelong learning (UIL). Also, she traveled to India with AIESEC to work with children in slum areas.