Our Strategic Plan & Target

The 2030 SDGs guide our strategic plan. We are committed to the progress and realization of the 2030 SDGs in South Sudan. NILECAPD has identified four goals to be achieved through the implementation of our strategic objectives.

Strategic Plan
Project Impact

Our Target (5-Year Projection)

NILECAPD endeavours to impact over 2 Million people by 2025. We are focused on transforming the lives of 1,000,000 needy South Sudanese (About 12 percent of the total number of disadvantaged South Sudanese citizens based on the 2020 statistics).

Project Impact

We further aim to assist over 60,000 Orphaned/homeless children and 350,000 IDP/homeless people (21% of the current IDP numbers). On social justice and gender equality issues, we aim to help 150,000 Sexual and Gender-Based Violence victims and 100,000 underage girls experiencing Early/forced marriages