Current Needs

South Sudan

  • A donation of $600 supports our peacebuilding program which includes gender-based
    violence. During their lifetimes South Sudanese women and girls experience a high
    degree of sexual violence as a result of war. To help them overcome the community
    stigma of such indignities we support these women and girls by providing awareness
    campaigns and training and advocacy of their human rights in South Sudan. 
  • $1,000 Covers the Costs of Community Training Sessions in Hygienic Practices. In order
    to prevent the spread of diseases we provide educational programs and on-the-ground
    training to ensure that existing water wells do not get contaminated by poor hygienic
    practices. Training in building latrines help local communities to gain the experience
    needed to overcome serious health problems and live healthy lives, including improving
    infant mortality rates.
  • A donation of $360 provides an airlift across South Sudan for a displaced child to reunite
    with their family. An airplane is the only way to cross some regions due to lack of
    infrastructure and because of dangers on the ground.
  • A donation of $500 can purchase tools and seeds and provide agricultural training for a rural village in South Sudan.

Calgary, AB, Canada

  •  A donation of $500 provides sustainability to our bimonthly “family dinners” to the 400+
    chronically homeless community members. This provides not only a homecooked
    South Sudanese meal, familiar music and friendly faces, but also encourages people to
    rejoin the community and seek social services and trauma-informed therapy.”
  •  A donation of $1000 provides professional therapeutic support to a South Sudanese community member at risk of or currently experiencing homelessness.
  •  A donation of $100 provides snacks for a gathering targeting 20 at-risk youth.

Together, we can forge a brighter future for the vulnerable communities we humbly serve. Your
steadfast support is instrumental in creating lasting positive change. Together, we can make a